Welcome To My Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Shams and this is my first post in this blog!

I’m a Computer science major at Worcester State University, I’m from Iraq, my family and I left Iraq in 2006 and we traveled a lot until 2009 when I settled down in Malaysia south-east Asia where I started studying software engineering in 2011, I came to USA few years ago and I managed to transfer almost all my studying credits to Worcester State University, the CS department helped me a lot in the transfer process .

I have two handsome boys, they are the joy in my life, Layth is 8 years now he is in 3rd grade and Sam is almost 3, he is going to pre-school this year, I’m a full-time student and I’m working at the Students Career Services at Worcester State University.

I love reading fictional novels and now I’m enjoying my free time reading GOT, it was my favorite TV show….