This week was so stressful, I was preparing for the finals and working on the final project for the CS-343, today we wrapped up everything in the project even the presentation slides. The good thing is I managed to change the buttons style, that was bothering me a lot, but I found out that I … Continue reading FINAL PROJECT Final BLOG


This week we started to code our project, after we finished the UML design now we have the map to our code. Also we are using GitLab to share our work, each time any one of us is done with a part of the code we just push it to GitLab so every one can … Continue reading FINAL PROJECT SECOND BLOG

Final Project First Blog

This is the first week that we started working on the final project for CS343 Software Constr, Des & Archit, As our final project My team and I decided to make an angular application, the application is called Simulated Operating System it runs on spring boot rest API server. Our application acts like a real … Continue reading Final Project First Blog

Object-Oriented Design Principles

In CS-343 activity 2 we talked about the Object-Oriented Design Principles. But let us stop at Object-Oriented Design to understand what it is: Object-Oriented Design is the process of development a system of interacting for solving a software problem. It is software¬†design approach. In the Object-Oriented Design there are many Principles Polymorphism: Polymorphism is a … Continue reading Object-Oriented Design Principles

What is the difference between Object-oriented modelling and UML

To found about the different between OOM and UML we need to understand the definition of both. Object-oriented Modeling according to Wikipedia the OOM: is an approach to modeling an application that is used at the beginning of the software life cycle  UML: Stands for "Unified Modeling Language. The purpose of UML is visually representing a … Continue reading What is the difference between Object-oriented modelling and UML

Software Construction, Design and Architecture for Design Patterns

The Creational The object creation and or the class instantiation is the core center of the design patterns, the design patterns will be divided into object-creational and Class-creational patterns. The Class-creational use inheritance during the process, however the object-creation uses the delegation during the process to finish the task. The Creational Design patterns: Abstract FactoryBuilderFactory … Continue reading Software Construction, Design and Architecture for Design Patterns