What we did as group  for sprint For this sprint we worked on two main things: the database and the docker, we spent 4-5 zoom meetings expermanting with docker until finally we managed to run the angular apps in the docker containers individually. The database part took the most time to get it work but … Continue reading SPRINT RETROSPECTIVE #3


Learning about what we don’t know is often more important than doing things we already know how to do. Jim Highsmith, Agile Software Development Ecosystems I wanted to write about this pattern few weeks ago but I don't know why I was hesitating from writing about it, maybe because the whole concept or idea behind this … Continue reading APPRENTICESHIP PATTERN REVIEW #8:Expand Your Bandwidth


What We did as Group  for Sprint The first sprint was good without any delay and or any problems, however this sprint was more stressful. Although, we managed to work a lot on the issues we created in the issue board. After the meeting we had with food pantry we changed the documentation information, and … Continue reading SPRINT RETROSPECTIVE #2

Apprenticeship Pattern Review #7:Dig Deeper

In practice, algorithm problems do not arise at thebeginning of a large project. Rather, they typically ariseas sub-problems when it suddenly becomes clear that theprogrammer does not know how to proceed or that thecurrent program is inadequate.Steven S. Skiena, The Algorithm Design Manual This pattern is talking about the work environment and how the companies … Continue reading Apprenticeship Pattern Review #7:Dig Deeper

Apprenticeship Pattern Review #6: Practice, Practice, Practice

The people we know as masters don’t devote themselvesto their particular skill just to get better at it. The truth is,they love to practice—and because of this they do getbetter. And then to complete the circle, the better they get the more they enjoy performing the basic moves over andover again.—George Leonard, Mastery Each one … Continue reading Apprenticeship Pattern Review #6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Apprenticeship Pattern Review#5: Find Mentors

Whether a beginner starts out with a training course or isself-taught, the first step on the path to softwarecraftsmanship is finding a craftsman to apprenticehimself to.Pete McBreen, Software Craftsmanship, p. 96 So far I like this pattern a lot, and I feel it's close to what I'm trying to do during my studying, my previous … Continue reading Apprenticeship Pattern Review#5: Find Mentors

Apprenticeship Pattern Review #4: The Long Road

To become truly good at programming is a life’s work, anongoing enterprise of learning and practicing.Ron Jeffries et al., Extreme Programming Installed This pattern from chapter three caught my attention, the quotes they used in the beginning of this pattern were nice and  sometimes we need something to remind us that the 1000 mile journey … Continue reading Apprenticeship Pattern Review #4: The Long Road

Apprenticeship Pattern Review #3:Reflect As You Work

This week I like to talk about this pattern "Reflect As You Work", so far this pattern is the best in my opinion, this pattern talks about the need to evaluate the work on regular bases, because with time and the lode of work for people who have competent speart, they will get promoted in … Continue reading Apprenticeship Pattern Review #3:Reflect As You Work

Apprenticeship Pattern Review #2: THE DEEP END

What is life without risks? Standing still without challenges, or without the will to change a small part of your life is not living your life to the fullest, and that is exactly what I feel. Reading this part of the book made me realize how it’s hard for me to change small things about … Continue reading Apprenticeship Pattern Review #2: THE DEEP END