• What we did as group  for sprint

For this sprint we worked on two main things: the database and the docker, we spent 4-5 zoom meetings expermanting with docker until finally we managed to run the angular apps in the docker containers individually. The database part took the most time to get it work but after all we as a team managed to run the database for the app. I believe we did a great job this sprint, learning about docker was hard at the beginning and it took a lot of tries to get to the final code but I’m really happy for what we did after all.

  • What I did for sprint

For this sprint I started to work on the docker, and to be honest at the beginning i felt so lost as i’m learning a new thing it took me one day to install the docker tool box because the docker desktop is not running on windows 10 home, it runs only on windows pro. After trying a few tutorials from the docker hub and watching a few long videos I got what is docker and how it works and why it is better than VM. I created two projects in gitlab to experiment with docker, the first one i tried to run docker from gitlab, I added the docker file in git and then the yml file also from git and run the whole angular app from git, which runs beautifully. The second project was creating the whole new angular app from webstorm and adding the docker file using git bash and the .dockerignore file with git bash too. Then I wrote the code for it and pushed everything to gitlab. I went back and fixed Arisha’s code for Isregisterd web UI the html and css files and pushed back everything to gitlab.

Also, I worked on connecting two docker containers together, this was so stressful since we couldn’t run the whole project with docker. Our angular apps can see and read each other individually but the servers are not talking to each other, we can open a shell inside docker and run the apps inside the shell which works, however, the servers are not connecting to each other. 

The last thing I did is create a new issue in the issue board to clean the registered web ui code and add a few formatting touches to the whole app. This was created to help next year students to understand what we did. 

  • Reflection on what worked well?

The searching for information was a bit better than last sprint, we almost shared all the information we got with each other and that was helpful. The zoom meetings we had after the standup meetings were very helpful as well. Getting the docker container to run was a huge success for me, I was so happy with the result of that. Creating a reasonable amount of issues in the issue board to work with without putting us under the preacher of not having the time to get them done.

  • Reflection on what didn’t work well?

Two things didn’t work for us during this sprint, first the Angular materials, we couldn’t install that and work with it, I was really excited to experiment with the Angular materials, but even without it I’m so happy with our design. And the other thing was running everything in Docker, even though each part of the project runs in docker locally, and with all the search we did on how to work with docker we couldn’t manage to run the whole project inside the docker.

  • Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as a team?

We needed more organizing, as a team we should be more interacting and cooperating with each other. More coordinating was much needed. I think we wasted time on the wrong parts and more planning was needed. 

  • Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as an individual?

I needed more knowledge about docker, the communication part was good this time. I tried to ask if they needed help more often. Spending more time at the beginning of the semester working on docker would help a lot.  but unfortunately neither time or resources were available to us. 

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