Apprenticeship Pattern Review #6: Practice, Practice, Practice

The people we know as masters don’t devote themselves
to their particular skill just to get better at it. The truth is,
they love to practice—and because of this they do get
better. And then to complete the circle, the better they get
the more they enjoy performing the basic moves over and
over again.

—George Leonard, Mastery

Each one of this book’s patterns are fully explained in the title, I choose this pattern because it continues the series of patterns I have posted a review on before. Pretty much this pattern talks about how practice makes you good at what you work on, and if you checked my homepage you will see I added Practices Makes Perfect! I really believe in this sentence.

Practicing makes us understand the whole image or idea behind the things, for example all programing loops are similar in one way or another from language to another, but if you used to code in one language it will take you awhile to adjust to the new way, and that’s when you need to practice and practice, and it is normal and totally fine to make mistakes and  have bugs in your program, otherwise you will not learn if you don’t make any mistakes. 

The authors suggested in an ideal world you will have the perfect mentor, and he/she will take time to prepare a series of exercises for you to practice, you will have your time to work on the problems and get better in your crafts. Your mentor will give you feedback and you are going to work on the gaps or mistakes you had. This is in a REALLY ideal world, which is sadly never going to happen in our world we learn as we go in the job, school or sometimes in our private time, 

The authors also talked about the kata method and they explained about it, however I googled it and found it interesting to read more about it later when I have time. But the main idea behind it is that the kata is a choreographed sequence of movements provided by a master to help his students internalize the fundamentals of the art. Where the important thing is practice and practice more and some more practice to master the craft. 

After all I think this pattern is true, if you need to be good at something you will work on it hard to master it, no matter the time you spend on it as long as you want this you will master it, that’s what I’m trying to do and what I’m actually doing.  As I said I’m trying to choose all the patterns that be connection to the previous ones that I reviewed, also one more thing I want to say in the end of this post, in each pattern the authors suggest for the readers few patterns to check which I think it’s nice 

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