Apprenticeship Pattern Review#5: Find Mentors

Whether a beginner starts out with a training course or is
self-taught, the first step on the path to software
craftsmanship is finding a craftsman to apprentice
himself to.

Pete McBreen, Software Craftsmanship, p. 96

So far I like this pattern a lot, and I feel it’s close to what I’m trying to do during my studying, my previous studying in Malaysia at my old university OUM , all the programming courses i had was in C and C++ and just 2 simple courses in java, were we had the fundamentals only not deep programming, after i was transferred to WSU I faced a huge problem with java, so what I did is surround myself with friends that helped me a lot to learn java, Tim was a great friend and mentor, he spend time with last semester me explaining for me a lot about java and he taught me a lot, I’m forever thankful for his help.

This pattern’s main idea is about how our field is so young and everyday new methods and ways of software development are being invented and as a young and freshly graduated we need to get all the possible mentor-ships that we can find to improve our skills and to prove ourselves in the field.  

For sure no one knows everything, and that’s applied to the mentors, when you choose a mentor you need to know that might his/her way is not the ideal learning method for you, but all you need to take is the experience. Their experience is all you want and in your way you can implement into your programming and software development skills. it is fine if you don’t agree with them all the way as I explained you need .

Last semester as I said was very hard for me, especially when it came to writing the testing part of the code. Finding materials online helps but when you have someone to help you and share their experience and stories it helps more. Maybe this person is not living or working with you, and you communicate with them online, which is totally fine because all you want is getting better in this field. 

The authors tell the story of how Dave finds a mentor,  Dave was working for two years as a programmer in a company, and while he was reading this bookSoftware Craftsmanship by Pete McBreen’s, he came to a conclusion that he needs to find a mentor. This was a major change in Dave’s career. 

As a simple advice never feel shy or afraid to ask the help from someone experience, because in the end you are the only one who’s beneficial from that, you might get new ideas or ways that will help you to understand more about software developing or it might lead you to put your own methods and someday in the future you will be a mentor for others.   

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