Apprenticeship Pattern Review #4: The Long Road

To become truly good at programming is a life’s work, an
ongoing enterprise of learning and practicing.

Ron Jeffries et al.,
Extreme Programming Installed

This pattern from chapter three caught my attention, the quotes they used in the beginning of this pattern were nice and  sometimes we need something to remind us that the 1000 mile journey started with one step but needs the hard work to be done.

In this pattern the authors talk about how people sometimes put us under the pressure of what they expect us to be or to do vs what we want. Money or Experience,Time to master the Programming Skills or Promotion. These are the tough choices that you might be facing during your career years.

However, this pattern talks about how it’s normal to take time to be perfect in something, especially in software development. After drawing your map you need to follow your dream of being the best in the field, and that doesn’t mean all the software developers will do the same or take the same steps the way you did.

There are few ways you can use to help decide what road we going to take

There are few ways you can use to help decide what road we going to take

  • First, accept the fact that you may be considered a bit strange.
  • Second, keep your focus on the long term.

These will help you understand that the prize will be awarding and it is normal to be different from the others.

Different roads and different journeys can be taken in our field and for sure different results depends on the experience and choices but the main goal is to be the best, to have a lifetime experience so after 20,30 or even 40 years from now when someone asked you what is your impressions opinion or what do you have to share with others so they can be aware of how the road looks like you will have stories to share and joks to be told and that what matters, that you decided the right road for you and choice what suits you on the long terms, it’s not about to be the famous one or the richest one “none that is not needed lol” but it’s about doing what makes you happy, and work in a job that you feel you found yourself in. 

I like this pattern as well, it’s not my favorite but it has some good parts that I might use and implement to my future work. 

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