The White Belt

Continuing with the story series, the authors chose to talk about a doctor and a family situation, and how the doctor used the white belt technique to help the family solve their problem without forcing the solution on them instead of using the black belt technique which diagnose and give treatment, the doctor helped the family to understand what they are going through without forcing any solution that might led them to go back to the doctor for more help.

So, what is the meaning of the white belt?

It means, don’t depend on what u already know, instead try to learn the new challenge from scratch. They connected that to the programming languages, if someone has mastered a programming language in certain amount of time let’s say java, then they decided to learn a new one such us Python, they will try to infuse their knowledge of the previous language to the new one, and that is the problem.

Instead start to learn the new fundamentals as it is without mixing with your previous knowledge. that will spare you time and effort and will prevent desperation over what you try to learn.

As a solution they suggested to find a time to unlearn something, that would be something you have postponed learning. And because they are talking form a programming and software perspective, they give an example of implementing a program that you have coded in a programming paradigm, and a programming paradigm is a style, or “way,” of programming. Them implement that code into a language that uses a different paradigm, they recommended to be aware of the new language idioms and it would be a good opportunity to learn new paradigm.

Using the white belt technique can be apply in every aspect of the life not only in the medical field or the programming field. Learning what is new and add it to your knowledge is the better way to learn. I can relate to this, I always questioned my java skills and always compared it to the C and C++, but that is not the right way to learn. Then I started taking online courses and started from the zero. So far this book is good I’m still in the middle as I haven’t finished the book but I think I will change few things with time and used the techniques I like from this book.

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