This week we started to code our project, after we finished the UML design now we have the map to our code. Also we are using GitLab to share our work, each time any one of us is done with a part of the code we just push it to GitLab so every one can add, update or delete parts of the code, for sure only one of us can push at the time to GitLab.

The first thing we worked on is building the java classes, as a start we have 8 main java classes and 4 typescript classed for the app. in the same time we worked on building the HTML design. I worked with HTML few years ago, and the project I worked on were all multi pages websites and that’s different from what I’m working on right now.

At the beginning it was a bit hard for me to remember all the tags but after an hour of trying i managed to put the first design for our project. the good thing about HTML is u can see the result in each line you add to the code and that gives you the advantage of changing anything fast. I’m trying to build the CSS inside the HTML directly so all the styling code will be in one place.

Working with HTML again reminded me of how much I loved webdesign courses when I was in Malaysia, I want to continue that after graduation, hopefully I will be a web developer one day.

The image above is what I have designed for our website as a first design, I’m still working on the formatting, such as the buttons I don’t like the buttons design it looks like the 90s design, and I’m trying to adding some shadow or animated buttons but until now nothing works, but i’m not giving up I will figure a solution to that and I still have time to solve this matter.

Another thing I was thinking of adding to the design is adding a border, around all the boxes, also maybe I can change the colors, as I said this is just the first design.

Now our upcoming challenge is how to connect the typescript Array (list) to the memory table, Tim, Arisha and I are searching on how we can do that.

Update on the buttons part I did manage to change the design ^^.

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